Barbeque Chicken Wings

If you are looking for an easy weeknight dinner that the whole family (especially the kids) will love, look no further. This barbeque chicken wings recipe is the BEST. This recipe was taught to me by my boss when I lived in China. She had invited me over for dinner one night and this was …

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cantonese-style steamed fish

Cantonese-Style Steamed Fish

For as long as I can remember, one of my favorite dishes growing up was Cantonese-style steamed fish. However, the only time I was able to have a taste of it was during Chinese wedding banquets or any big event where we were in a fancy Chinese seafood restaurant. Needless to say, I never thought …

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ground mongolian beef

Ground Mongolian Beef

I love ground beef. I think it’s a very versatile ingredient in the kitchen and when I am craving Chinese, this is my go-to ground beef recipe. It has a sweet and spicy sauce, but you can adjust the spiciness to your desired heat level. I usually cook a big batch of this, especially when …

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