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Bilingual Fabric Number Blocks

Are you looking for bilingual, educational, and fun toys for your little one? I might have just the thing for you. They are called Bilingual Fabric Number Blocks and they expose children to English and Mandarin Chinese while learning about numbers and colors!

Each of these fabric blocks is carefully and lovingly handcrafted for young children. Aside from reinforcing bilingualism, the blocks also expose children to math concepts while stimulating their visual and tactile senses. The blocks are also designed for open-ended play to support creativity.

How can you and your child use these blocks to reinforce bilingualism during play? For language development, don’t be afraid to speak to and with your child. Narrate what you are doing, whether in Chinese or English. Say the numbers and/or characters out loud while showing the corresponding block to your child. Arrange the blocks in sequence and count forwards and backwards. When your child picks up a block, point out the number that is on the block. Describe the colors, pattern, and texture of the blocks. Don’t be afraid of using too many words because your child is capable of absorbing all of it. They are smart like that.

Why introduce math concepts at such a young age, you ask. I want to be clear that when I say math concepts, I’m not talking about addition, subtraction or geometry. However, I do want to point out that these concepts are usually already present in a child’s environment, we just need to guide them and be intentional about it so that children get the most out of the experience. For early childhood, introducing math concepts such as counting, sorting, making comparisons (e.g. size, length, shapes), measurements or matching help develop their problem solving skills, sequencing, spatial awareness, and basically build on the foundations that are needed for when they start learning math in school.

The bright colors and different textures of the blocks stimulate a young child’s visual and tactile senses. You can set a hard toy or object next to the blocks to point out the contrast of hard and soft. Or place a noisemaker next to the blocks and comment on the difference between the two toys. Because the blocks are designed for open-ended play, there are countless ways to play with them. The blocks can be stacked, rolled, squeezed, and all other creative ways your child might come up with to play with them.

Activities such as these engage all of the child’s senses – they are observing the toys, associating your words (eg. soft and squishy) with what they are feeling in their hand, engaging in social interaction with you, learning about languages as you say the numbers in English and Mandarin Chinese. I can go on and on.

But let’s talk about the blocks themselves, the blocks are created with 100% cotton fabric, non-allergenic fill, and vinyl. The colors and designs are handpicked so that they are bright and attractive to children. Each of the 4 sides show the number (i.e. the numerals), the English word, the Mandarin Chinese character with pinyin below, and a picture of sea animals showing the number indicated (e.g. 5 turtles for the number 5). The top and bottom sides of the blocks are patterned fabric.

The bilingual fabric number blocks are sold in 3 combinations or sets.

  • Bilingual Fabric Number Blocks 1-5: This set consists of 5 blocks with the numbers 1-5 only. For those on a budget or simply want an introduction to numbers, this is a good pick for you.
  • Bilingual Fabric Number Blocks 6-10: This set consists of 5 blocks with the numbers 6-10 only. If, after purchasing the set of 1-5, you realize you want to buy the next set, then this set is for you.
  • Bilingual Fabric Number Blocks 1-10: This set consists of 10 blocks with the numbers 1-10. This is the best deal of the three, because you get the full set in one package. This set also comes with an option of adding a personalized storage bag where you can have your child’s monogram or your family’s Chinese surname added to the bag.
bilingual fabric blocks

For more detailed pictures and information on these amazing blocks and their designer and creator, please click here.

Lastly, the bilingual fabric number blocks are perfect for families who are looking for an introduction to Mandarin Chinese for their young children or multilingual families who are looking to enrich or reinforce the Chinese environment in their home. Either way, these bilingual fabric number blocks are the perfect addition to your bilingual resources as you start your Mandarin Chinese learning journey! They also make great gifts for families and friends!

So, what are you waiting for? Order yours now! These blocks are available for sale here.

We would love to hear your feedback if you have bought a set. Please feel free to share your experience so we know how we can improve our products and services.

Happy Chinese learning!

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